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When was the last time you spotted a sinister puppet plotting to take over the world? Yeah, I believe you. Just send it anyway.
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January 12, 2001
The official pass of the millenium, and the earth didn't open up to swallow us whole. Demons didn't surface to reclaim the Earth. Those Nike wearing cultists didn't return on their ship to blast us all to h*ll. Damn, what a buzz-kill. Oh well, at least we're getting really good at f*cking with animals.
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November 30, 2000
Take a trip into the Atomic Age with a gerbil-tossing, wrist-slapping, sack of puppet. Who would be responsible for creating the most destructive force known to humanity? Find out who really shaped the race to conquer the atom and visit the vastness of space. What the h*ll are you looking at?!
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October 1, 2000
We thought KidPuppet was dead or missing or converted... but we found him! After more than a month of worrying and wondering, he's surfaced in a ditch off the NJ Turnpike, and lookie-here, he returned with an award. Being the consumate utilitarian of the Internet, he was awarded Capitalist Tool of the Week.
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August 20, 2000
What's your name, puppet? .... It doesn't matter what your name is! Turn that puppet rod sideways, polish it up real nice, and stick it up that candy ass!
Did KidPuppet's wallet chain give him an unfair advantage? Did The Rocks roid rage give him an edge on the puppet competition? If you smell......
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August 19, 2000
This guy. Now he's got his own web site to show how at ease he is with his life of lies. No, I'm not talking about KidPuppet. I'm talking about the murdering ex-professional murderer, OJ Simpson. Puppet + Murderer = Total Chaos. See what we mean. This doesn't have anything to do with communism, but this guy's made more rage induced decisions than a fascist on smack.
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