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Awww Tutorial v.1.0:
Learn to Awww:

Step 1: Prepare
Step 2: Begin to lift hand
Step 3: Thrust hand in dramatic fashion
Step 4: Scream AWWWWWWWWW!
Listen to an Awww
When do you Awww?
1. after winning a hand of poker.
2. when entering Flash Dancers after a midget entices you.
3. after seeing a monkey pick up a squirrel and run down a storm drain.
4. when barbequing on a roof of municipal property after you've been explicitly told not to.
5. when taking random pictures while on vacation.
6. after picking a dead lizard off a tree with a keycard and trowing it into traffic.
7. before jumping into a pool with all of your clothes on, holding a ham sangwich.
8. after being told to do it by a bunch of smelly hung-over vacationers.
9. after finishing off several vodka tonics, Jack and Cokes, Sam Adams, Tequila shots, etc.
10. for no d*mn reason at all!

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When you're at a loss for words and can't express your groin-grabbing levels of excitement, just give it an Awww!

Awww, sh*t!

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