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Puppet in The Atomic Age

  || || |||     Chronology of the Atomic Puppet     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Julius Robert Oppenheimer [1947]: "In some sort of crude sense which no vulgarity, no humor, no overstatement can quite extinguish, the physicists have known sin, and this is a knowledge which they cannot lose."
[05.1945] KidPuppet spotted on Long Island, NY, urinating on a nondescript factory muttering to a man in a lab coat

[07.1945] "Manhattan Engineer District (MED)" AKA "Manhatten Project" established
[04.1946] KidPuppet deported from the United States in a soggy cardboard box for nasty April Fool's prank at MED

Tool of gargantuan exceedingly disproportionate distruction.
[01.1947] "Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)" created by the US government to regulate the development of nuclear weapons

Awww, Fuchs!
[09.1944] German Physicist and former contributor to the Manhatten Project, Klaus Fuchs, suspected by the FBI for surreptitious transmission of a Solviet consulate message

[08.1949] First successful atomic bomb explosion experiment in the Solviet Union, code-named "Damn That Puppet F*cker No. 1" in the United States
[01.1950] Fuchs confesses to MI5 for his dastardly scheme, blames small felt-faced demon, beaten over head with a sack of nickels by Harry S. Truman

[10.1950] KidPuppet spotted combing his stringy blond hair in Los Alamos, New Mexico

Yipee-Kah-Yay! Ridem Puppet!

Oh. Hello there, Mr. Puppet... Ahh-Haa...
[06.1955] Szilard and Einstein use their supernatural brain powers to study the inner workings of mankind's most evil creation (creation, eh?)

[08.1955] KidPuppet allegedly infused with a plutonium core in a covert plan concocted by Einstein
[1957-1968] Bunch of Cold War race to space stuff occurs

[11.1968] Top secret photo (pictured right) sent to the White House, Lynden B. Johnson shrugs shoulders and whipes *ss with photo

Awww! Spaaace Puuupppet!

One small step for puppet, now leave me alone!
[1969-present] People live under constant denial of the truth and fail to see what's right before their eyes; unknowing servants to a puppet, they prefer to figuratively swim in their own pools of vomit while literally squashing a big bag of monkey innards over their faces
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