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March 13, 2005
Moren69 vs. KoshackNightstalker! Moren69 vs. KoshackNightstalker! Moren69 vs. KoshackNightstalker! Moren69 vs. KoshackNightstalker!
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March 1, 2002
Ok. The new year has come, and no death, no destruction, not even an alien invasion. Oh well. Time to start getting the bunker ready for next year. Here's the next best thing to Armageddon, substitute teaching... "Then Mrs. Robinson said that Mr. Snuffulufagus doesn't pleasure her enough. That was my cue."
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December 31, 2001
This site is sucking. Sucking big time. It hasn't been touched in ages and the writing sucks the suckiest sucks that ever sucked. The end is near and all signs point to "It's Decidedly So." ...and oh yeah, this guy wants to know what "Donkey Punching" is about. Anyone willing to demonstrate or be demonstrated upon?
August 28, 2001
Oh, you didn't know? Well, your Muppet @ss better get some therapy... What you didn't know and what you never wanted to know is now revealed. The furry beasts you grew up with aren't what they seemed. Like being oblivious to the X10 camera shoved up your @ss. Wakka Wakka Bakka!
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June 9, 2001
The kid who is puppet took the ole dot-com dirt nap, but he's back, and he's kickin it old skool, Frenchy-style. Word up to the working class. (OK, this sh*t isn't funny, but gimme a break. I haven't updated this site in a while.)
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March 11, 2001
Here we go again! How the heck does that evil mankind-hating puppet fiend make his way to space? We've seen it before, and here it is again. Who knew a fake stitched man, full of polyester and hate, could reach escape velocity. Oh well, spaceward ho...
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